November 15, 2017

Looking a little worse for the wear, but still smiling when we cross the finish line nine days later and 1577 miles from the start at 1:40 in the morning, whopee! (and did I say this wasn't a race? Little did I know that whenever there are two or more sailboats in the water at the same time it is a race. We spent countless hours tracking boats on AIS, charting their locations and seeing where we stood.). Can't begin to explain just how great it was to conclude this journey. The lights guiding us into the harbor were still not working due to Hurricane Irma so we had to pick up a mooring ball for the night and wait until morning to actually pull into the dock and step onto land. Delayed gratification, but still a good feeling to be handed tha...

October 27, 2017

What is it like to be at sea for almost two days straight? Tony has done long, overnight sails before, but I've mostly been aboard for the sunny skies and gentle winds. We thought it was important to do one long sail together before we set out for the ten day overnight sail from Virginia to the Caribbean, so we left Jersey City around 3:00 Thursday afternoon with two friends on board for the sail down to Portsmouth, Virginia. The forecast was for 25 - 30 knots of wind and 10 foot seas, not ideal but a good practice run with plenty of help on board to see how the boat handled in those conditions and how we dealt with it. Those of you that are nervous about our safety at sea (and our marriage surviving) need not worry. This boat is built for...

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Our Itinerary

December 2018 - Leave the boat in Salerno, Italy

March 2019 - Return to Salerno

Sail to - Greece



July 2019 - Start to work our way back west across the Mediterranean


              Balearic Islands



September 2019 - return home for our daughter's wedding!


October 2019 - Arrive in the Canary Islands

November 2019 - Sail from Canary Islands to Cape Verde and on to St. Lucia

December 2019 - Arrive in St. Vincent in plenty of time for the holidays!

Winter 2020 - Enjoy sailing the Caribbean, warm water and sunny skies

April 2020 -Begin the sail back home

June 2020 - Be back in Buffalo for the birth of our granddaughter!

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