November 10, 2019

The Canary Islands have been a good transition, after the four day sail from Gibraltar we felt we were leaving the Mediterranean behind, but we still feel it's influence with the Spanish language and Mediterranean food, although there are fewer cobblestone streets, more goats in the hills and vast beaches with turquoise water so reminiscent of the Caribbean ahead.

The clock is ticking, days are counting down and time is running out on this side of the Atlantic. We can never say never, but chances are pretty good that we will not be back sailing these waters on our own boat, and that goes through our heads with each new port we reach and each picture we take. And still we work on finding the balance, to experience the places few go...

October 7, 2019

We have left Gibraltar behind, traveling back through that gateway that brought us into the Med a year and a half ago. Timing is everything it seems, calculating slack time against the strong currents that carried us into the Med and favorable winds that will fill our sails for the 4 day crossing to the Canary Islands before we pushed off from the dock. We can't help but look back on a few things we've observed during our time sailing these waters and exploring on land.

Grocery stores have stairs and multi levels and sometimes are located in the middle of department stores, making it necessary to walk through clothing to reach the check out.

Everyone is so interested when we say we're from NY, assuming we mean NYC, they all seem to have a fri...

July 22, 2019

Croatian humor from Darko the dinghy driver: A ship's captain calling on the radio says "help, help, I'm sinking, I'm sinking" and the response back is "what are you sinking about?"

There's a lot to think about while in Croatia, which of the many islands to sail to next, where to drop anchor for the night, what old cobblestone streets to explore, when to swim in the pristine bays, so many difficult decisions to make. It was a good thing we had almost two months to make them all, and still there was not enough time. I know that may be surprising to hear, seems we have nothing but time now that we are not working and have such a small space to call home. But reading back through the ship's log, a journal we keep on board that chronicles our da...

June 17, 2019

When we travel by boat we take our time, we don't really have a choice, our top speed is only 8 knots. So sometimes when we rent a car to see sights further inland we have a long list of places to visit in a short amount of time and we have been known to become speed tourists. Could there be a market for that?  I'm sure we're not the only ones trying to fit in as much as possible in a short amount of time. So with book in hand and a couple days with a rental car we set out on the mountainous, windy roads, through numerous tunnels carved in the stony cliffs to see as much of Montenegro as we could.

Our first stop was the Ostrog Monastery that was built right into the face of a steep cliff, daunting to think how that w...

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Our Itinerary

December 2018 - Leave the boat in Salerno, Italy

March 2019 - Return to Salerno

Sail to - Greece



July 2019 - Start to work our way back west across the Mediterranean


              Balearic Islands



September 2019 - return home for our daughter's wedding!


October 2019 - Arrive in the Canary Islands

November 2019 - Sail from Canary Islands to Cape Verde and on to St. Lucia

December 2019 - Arrive in St. Vincent in plenty of time for the holidays!

Winter 2020 - Enjoy sailing the Caribbean, warm water and sunny skies

April 2020 -Begin the sail back home

June 2020 - Be back in Buffalo for the birth of our granddaughter!

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