November 5, 2017

So surprised to have a visit from Kaitlin and Patrick yesterday! They made the 10 hour drive to Virginia to have one more night together before we head off shore, wish Brian could have been with us too, but loved reconnecting with the kids ever so briefly. So sad to have to say yet another good bye, but oh so worth it. As sad as it is we feel so fortunate to have these wonderful connections with family and friends that make leaving so difficult, what a gift you all are. 

Took one last long, hot shower. I will really miss those when we are living on board. But the up side, it took me less than an hour to clean our new home! A very quiet evening around here tonight, everyone is doing last minute wash, provisioning and turning in...

November 1, 2017

We have now been back in Portsmouth for a a little over a week and have stayed incredibly busy getting the boat ready for the sail down south.  There's been no time yet to do all the things we were going to do to fill the empty days we thought retirement would bring. That yoga mat, flute, knitting and kindle have not seen much use, hopefully we will have time to enjoy all those things soon enough. We have had time to check out most of the restaurants in town though. So if you're ever in the area, favorite restaurant by far - Still,  great drinks and tapas, best neighborhood  hang out - Humboldt Steel Corp. (strange name though) - nicest bartenders, good music and pizza by the slice, best italian - Maninos (actually the only italian), worst...

October 27, 2017

We motor sailed down the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty and into NYC. It's always amazing to see the city from the water. The boat traffic is almost as bad as the street traffic in New York and you have to stay out of the way of all the ferries, barges, freighters and pleasure boats that are traveling on the river. Crazy to see people speeding around on jet skis in all this traffic, must be like riding your bike in the busy city streets. It can be pretty scary going under all the bridges, I swear the mast is going to hit even though we know we have plenty of clearance. We head up the East River, timing it to go with the strong current so we are not standing still, arriving in City Island pretty late with the wind picking up. We wo...

October 8, 2017

The mast comes down, pretty scary to watch, and we begin our journey by motoring across Lake Ontario to Oswego where we enter the Erie Canal. Three and a half days and 31 locks later we arrive at Hop-o-nose Marina (love the name, means "love of water") where they put the mast back up. Not sure which is scarier, and we are again a sailboat. The weather gods have definitely been shining on us with sunny skies and warm weather, and since we did't have the mast up for most of the trip so far, no worries that there's been no wind. Hoping this weather is a good omen for the travels ahead.

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Our Itinerary

December 2018 - Leave the boat in Salerno, Italy

March 2019 - Return to Salerno

Sail to - Greece



July 2019 - Start to work our way back west across the Mediterranean


              Balearic Islands



September 2019 - return home for our daughter's wedding!


October 2019 - Arrive in the Canary Islands

November 2019 - Sail from Canary Islands to Cape Verde and on to St. Lucia

December 2019 - Arrive in St. Vincent in plenty of time for the holidays!

Winter 2020 - Enjoy sailing the Caribbean, warm water and sunny skies

April 2020 -Begin the sail back home

June 2020 - Be back in Buffalo for the birth of our granddaughter!

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