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final send off...

So surprised to have a visit from Kaitlin and Patrick yesterday! They made the 10 hour drive to Virginia to have one more night together before we head off shore, wish Brian could have been with us too, but loved reconnecting with the kids ever so briefly. So sad to have to say yet another good bye, but oh so worth it. As sad as it is we feel so fortunate to have these wonderful connections with family and friends that make leaving so difficult, what a gift you all are.

Took one last long, hot shower. I will really miss those when we are living on board. But the up side, it took me less than an hour to clean our new home! A very quiet evening around here tonight, everyone is doing last minute wash, provisioning and turning in early. All the news was good at the final skipper meeting this afternoon - winds will be dying down and by the time we reach the gulf stream, sometime around midnight tomorrow night the seas should be diminishing and the wind favorable. Our next contact will most likely be from an internet cafe in Tortola, thinking of you all and thanks so much for all your well wishes!

(party hats always optional, celebrating a friends birthday from afar!)

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