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food for thought....

There are few options for eating out while we're in the BVI's, but you know food is almost always on my mind so I couldn't go too much longer without sharing some thoughts.

Provisioning has been a challenge with few stores open. Get-togethers on board are always last minute invites to a potluck dinner. Coming up with something to bring from the contents on board can be difficult, it's a bit like that Iron Chef competition where you have to come up with a meal using the strange ingredients that are in the basket. But with low expectations we are never disappointed. What you buy at the store is not always what you think you're getting. I realized after I made the olive cheese balls that the jar of olives and pimentos that I bought contained olives with pits and the pimentos were just accompanying them in the jar. Had to warn people before they bit in. The purple potatoes that they call sweet potatoes are nothing like the yams back home. Pain Killers are not aspirin but a drink. If you order chicken roti (sort of like a hand pie with chicken curry inside) be sure not to get it Caribbean style, that would include chopped up chicken bones, ordering the vegetarian is always a safe bet. Tamarind is in all the food stores and I have not figured out what to do with it yet. You realize how much you depend on google when it is no longer available, now we have to go back to the old fashioned way of finding things out by asking people around you. Conversations are no longer fact checked on the internet. And no more map quest, we now ask locals for directions. It is kind of nice to get rid of the google middle man.

We're trying to get into the Christmas spirit now. All those cozy winter meals do not really have much appeal, but so glad the last owner left this compact fold up mixer on board so Christmas cookies are still an option. Surprised to see Christmas trees available in a few places, and love seeing the boats that are all decked out for the holidays. Thinking of you all this holiday season and hoping you're all enjoying the craziness it brings.

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