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Eating out in Nevis

Sometimes dining out can be a bit of an adventure, not just because of the interesting foods to try but also getting there.

When anchored off of Pinney's Beach on Nevis you have to take the dingy ashore. There is no dock to tie up to and the beach is really steep with waves breaking on shore. Our dingy is pretty heavy so hoisting it onto the beach is not an easy option, it has to be left anchored a little off shore. Tony and I thought we had it all well planned out when we went out for dinner the other night. He would drop me off onshore with his clothes, he'd then anchor out and swim to shore in his underwear then

quick change to dry clothes on the beach assisted by a towel. Everything went according to plan on the drop off. I hopped off the bow of the dinghy staying dry, he anchored the dingy and swam in and we enjoyed a great meal of grilled mahi mahi at a beachside restaurant. Getting back to the boat didn't go quite as smoothly though. Reversing the plan, Tony swam out and drove the dinghy back to pick me up. It's much harder to get onto the dinghy in breaking waves than off though. A huge wave came crashing over the boat just as I was getting in, knocking me over and soaking everything and everybody on board, beaching the dinghy and leaving a foot of water at our feet. It was quite a work out dragging the dinghy off the beach and a soggy ride back to the boat. An adventure for sure, and totally worth the effort to be able to enjoy a good meal out with no dishes to clean up afterwards.

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