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The Quest for a Caribbean Cookbook

First off, I have to tell you that people down in St. Kitts and Nevis are super helpful. If you are walking down the street and look the least bit confused they will stop their car and ask if they can help. Just last week when I was looking for a church to attend Christmas mass I asked a woman coming out of church if they had mass the next day for Christmas. They didn't, but she said St. George's down the street did, and she proceeded to usher me into her car and drive me there (if I hurried I could make the Sunday mass that was just getting started).

In that light, I went out today looking for a cookbook with local recipes. Being accustomed to a Barnes and Noble in every town and Amazon just a click away I didn't think it would be so difficult. The first person I asked said "try Harpers just down the street, yellow awning opposite side of the road". I stopped in at Harpers and they said "no, we don't sell books, not many bookstores in town, but try Walls just up the street." Back up the hill to Wall's, I couldn't find it but stopped in an insurance company with a similar name and asked again. They thought Walls might sell text books, but said there was a bookstore just down the street and to the right that might sell cookbooks. I found the religious bookstore just where they said it would be, knew it was a long shot, but stepped inside and asked if they happened to have any recipe books. "No" was the very polite reply, and he pointed me back up the hill, turn left at the man with the white shirt and there was a store just down a block on the opposite side of the road that may carry books. Needless to say, I went back up the hill again, by this time it was 4:15 in the afternoon, everything was closing down (love that they are not a slave to the cruise ship customers coming off the boats in droves), and the only store in sight carried toys.

I have not given up yet and am sure I will find a local cookbook in my travels, but in the meantime I am totally enjoying all the helpful people I meet along the way.

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