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Group project

We are still attempting to live in the moment and enjoy the time we have left in the islands, but my cooking mind has started to look toward the future and provisioning for the days ahead that will be spent at sea. One thing I learned on the crossing from Norfolk to Tortola was that it's best to have complete dinners frozen ahead that you can just pull out and reheat, a lot of frozen dinners. I thought I would be looking for things to occupy my time on the way down and would be happy to spend hours in the galley cooking. What I hadn't taken into consideration were the times when seas were rough, down below was the last place you wanted to spend time, and comfort food was all anyone wanted to eat.

This is where the group project comes in. Do you have any tried and true recipes you would like to share that store well in the freezer? My goal is to stock a month of frozen meals, and with your help that is not so overwhelming. How great would it be to have the favorite recipes of family and friends to nourish us while we are at sea? Staying connected through the foods we love, that would be wonderful. If you are interested in helping out a cook in need, just click on Stay Connected and type away.

Thanks in advance for helping to keep us well fed and for nourishing our body and souls by being such an important part of our lives!

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