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nervous energy...

We are back in Nanny Cay on Tortola with all the repairs behind us and one final day before departure. Everyone is busy, whether they actually have things to do or not, the docks are buzzing with activity. It's hard to sit still knowing that we will be confined to a boat for days on end, and we can't help but double, make that triple, check that we have done all that we possibly can to prepare for the voyage ahead.

Tony makes as many trips to the chandlery (boat supply store) as I do to the grocery store. We can't seem to stop thinking of just one more thing we may not be able to do without. Every available inch of space on the boat is filled to capacity though, it is time for both of us to step away from the store. They have done the safety inspection of the boat, we're flying the ARC Europe 2018 flag overhead, we have finished last minute laundry and cleaned the boat (an attempt to at least start out clean, we remember only too well just how dirty the boat and we will be after so many days at sea), attended meetings on the SSB radio that will keep us all connected on the passage and social gatherings to help put a face with the voice we will hear on those radio checks. All that is left is one last skipper meeting and the arrival of the rest of our crew, our son Patrick, which just adds to the excitement of the last few days. He'll be sailing with us to Bermuda, then a friend has signed on to sail from Bermuda to the Azores, love being able to break this trip up with stops along the way.

If you'd like to follow our progress you can download the YB Races app on your phone or computer, then click on "add new races to your feed" at the top of page, and click ARC Europe. There are multiple courses, we will be on the BVI to Bermuda, Bermuda to Azores and Azores to Portugal courses. It's a big ocean but we'll have lots of company!

Hoping for fair winds, calm seas and full stomachs along the way, the first two are out of our control but I think we have the last one covered.

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