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We motor sailed down the Hudson River, past the Statue of Liberty and into NYC. It's always amazing to see the city from the water. The boat traffic is almost as bad as the street traffic in New York and you have to stay out of the way of all the ferries, barges, freighters and pleasure boats that are traveling on the river. Crazy to see people speeding around on jet skis in all this traffic, must be like riding your bike in the busy city streets. It can be pretty scary going under all the bridges, I swear the mast is going to hit even though we know we have plenty of clearance. We head up the East River, timing it to go with the strong current so we are not standing still, arriving in City Island pretty late with the wind picking up. We woke up to a rainy, windy morning, but the weather didn't really hamper us exploring the quaint town, grocery shopping and doing laundry (it's not all fair winds and sunsets) before our friends that have a place in town arrived in time to share dinner on the boat. So great to still be in touch with Buffalo connections along the way. After a couple of days exploring the island we sailed down to Jersey City where we met up with some of my sister's family to christen our boat further, and then had breakfast with more of the Tramposch clan. Not many pictures to share of family and friends, but it was so great to see everyone!

I can't tell you how much we enjoy having those we love visit the boat, it seems like home when we're able to entertain. We hope you all know just how welcome you are to visit us along the way.

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