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It's Not About Us...

It's really about you! It's so important for us to keep in touch with everyone back home. Moving onto our boat and sailing away would not have been possible without your support. You mean the world to us and we're so happy that you're interested enough to follow along on this journey. We look forward to sharing new experiences with you from our home on the water and hearing all about your lives. We hope that many of you will find the time to join us on our travels.

Home on the Water

Everything is different on a sailboat. We no longer have a kitchen, we have a galley. The living room and dining room combo is now a salon, no more bathrooms, just heads and the bedrooms are now cabins. But rest assured, we still have a guest cabin for visitors! There is no longer left or right, just port or starboard, and the front and back are now the bow and stern. The single most difficult one for me, much to Tony's dismay, was remembering that we have fenders, not bumpers. There are no ropes on a boat, they are all lines. There are lee cloths on the beds which can be pulled up in rough seas to keep you from falling out. The huge storage locker in the back of the boat is called a lazarette (who comes up with these names?) And when guys pull out a needle and thread on a boat to fix sails or lines they are not sewing, they are whipping. Sounds much more macho, but now I know that Tony can actually sew on that button. No worries though, vacation packages on board come with vocabulary lists for those new to life on the water.

Storage on a boat is pretty interesting also. Everything has to have a place and with limited space there were so many decisions to make on what to bring and what to leave behind. The galley was especially challenging, but some ingenious person came up collapsible cookware. We have collapsible bowls, salad spinner, measuring cups, funnel, whisk, cooking pots, dish drying rack, and my personal favorite, a collapsible teapot. The wine cellar comprises of wine bottles stored in socks and stowed under the floor boards, white socks for white wine and dark socks for red. It's always a surprise as to what type of white or red wine we'll actually be drinking though. We will let you know how these storage solutions work out as the trip progresses, I'm sure we'll always be learning new ways to live in a small space that is in constant motion.

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